Fearen is a ‘typical’ fantasy realm composed of thick forests, high mountains, rolling hills, great cities, and the occasional marshland.

The largest forest in Fearen is Onara, home of the elves. The elves of Onara are forced to defend their lands from the Orugan tribe, but they rarely attack the goblins themselves, despite the fact that they are allied with Ibara. On ocassion, the elves send out the Grey Hunters into battle alongside the Ibara knights.

Ibara is the largest kingdom in Fearen and is home to half-elves, halflings, half-orcs, dwarves, and humans. Ibara is officially a human kingdom, and has been ruled over by a human king since its initial creations. Ibara has been at war with the Orugan tribe off and on for centuries.

The lands between Onara and Ibara are known as the Lydessa plains. Lydessa is home to a mixture of all races, with the exception of the Lunarans and the Stonekin. Lydessa hosts a collection of villages and small towns, each with its own leader and has no unifying government.

The Scarred Lands used to be part of the Lydessa plains, up until the battle between Dearias and Zzrull. The Scarred Lands border the Onara forest to the south and the Lydessa plains to the north. Ever since the dark power of Zzrull touched the Scarred Lands, no form of life has grown their since. Many travelers try to avoid going through the Scarred Lands. You will find no natural form of vegetation or animal life there. The ground itself, once smooth like the rest of the plains, is now cracked and jagged from being torn up by the great powers that fought there.

The mountain range of Khargol forms the southern and western border of Ibara. The western area of Khargol is home, mostly, to tribes of giants, while the southern part of Khargol is populated mostly by dwarves.

The Handi desert wraps around the southern and eastern edge of the Khargol mountains and partially lies between the Lydessa plains and the Orugan wasteland. The Handi desert is home to mercenary bands, as well as large creatures, such as desert worms, sand serpents, and possibly even dragons.

The Orugan wasteland is mostly swamplands interrupted by patches of barren ground. It is home to the largest goblin tribe in Fearen and is listed as one of the two most dangerous places in Fearen.

Just beyond the western area of the Khargol mountains is the kingdom of Dhal, home of the Lunarans and their Stonekin slaves. The Lunarans believe themselves to be superior to the other races of Fearen, and seldom leave Dhal to mingle with the inferiors. If they have need to contact the outside world, they usually send, or are at least accompanied, by the Stonekin. The Lunarans are one of the elder races, and because of their attitude towards others, they do not get along well with the elves.


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