Orellius Valen


Orellius, like many of his people, had stayed out of the war with the Orugan tribe for many years. However, when word reached the Lunarans about the necromancer Zzrull and his army, they decided they should investigate the matter and determine how great a threat Zzrull would be to them.

Orellius was one of the scouts sent into Lydessa to observe Zzrull. When Orellius arrived, he found Zzrull battling a great wizard. Orellius stayed as far from the fight as he could while still observing the outcome. It appeared that Zzrull was going to overpower his opponent. Orellius knew this would mean doom to his people, since none of the Lunarans were as powerful as this wizard.

Orellius feared the outcome, but the wizard gathered up a massive amount of energy and struck down Zzrull. The shockwave blasted everything around, knocking Orellius to the ground. As Orellius got back to his feet, he saw Zzrull was still standing, or at least half of him.

Zzrull formed a spear in his remaining hand, made of pure dark energy. As Zzrull advanced on the wizard, the wizard created a portal and cast Zzrull into it, expending the last of his energy, and collapsing.

Orellius rushed across the cracked battlefield to the side of the wizard. He lifted the wizard into his arms. Noticing the wizard’s ears, Orellius knew the wizard had elven blood, and carried him into the Odara forest. Although the elves had never gotten along with the Lunarans, they allowed Orellius safe passage to deliver the exhausted wizard, and allowed him to leave peacefully after they took to caring for the wizard.

Over the next few days, Orellius began to feel different. His magical skills seemed to have increased greatly in just a short period of time. The Lunaran elders concluded that when the shockwave of the wizard’s attack had hit Orellius, it had somehow changed him.

Orellius decided to seek out this wizard in order to learn more about his new power.

Orellius Valen

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