Zzrull was once a young man who lived in the kingdom of Ibara in the realm of Fearen. When he first met Dearias, he was known as Astar. After spending months with Dearias, learning about the history and lore surrounding magic, Astar grew frustrated that he wasn’t learning any actual spells.

One day, while Dearias had left to go hunting, Astar took Dearias’s spellbook from his knapsack and searched for a spell that might be appealing. When he came across a passage dealing with contacting other-worldly beings, he decided to try it out. Having never cast an actual spell before, Astar had no idea that he was contacting a great demon known as Tazhu.

Tazhu gave Astar the power he wanted, then commanded Astar to enter the desert. Astar blindly obeyed, wandering into the Handi desert, where he faced great hardships and nearly faced death.

As Astar lay in the desert sands only barely alive, Tazhu spoke to him. He changed his name to Zzrull and Tazhu made him a lord of the undead, transforming Zzrull into an undead creature himself.

Through the power granted him by Tazhu, Zzrull took control of the Orugan goblins and even rallied the Handi mercenaries to fight with him. He began to invade the lands he once called home.

Before Zzrull could finish his conquest, Dearias returned to confront him. The two engaged in battle that tore apart the landscape and created what came to be known as the Scarred Lands. After suffering a grevious injury from Dearias, Zzrull revealed himself to be undead, and completely ignored the fact that nearly half his body had been disintegrated by Dearias. Zzrull prepared to finish Dearias just as his former master opened a rift in the planar barrier and forced him through it.

Zzrull entered a realm of horrors that travelers would come to call the Great Abyss. He eventually came face-to-face with his master, Tazhu. Tazhu gave Zzrull a powerful eldritch weapon known as the Demon’s Claw, so that he could kill Dearias the next time they met. Tazhu taught Zzrull how to mask his presence to make it harder for Dearias to locate him, then sent him back to the mortal realms to spread Tazhu’s corrupting influence.


Endara Dyrian