Dearias Eldron


Dearias was a half-elf wizard from the realm of Fearen. He was born to an elven mother in the forest of Odara and began to study magic as a teenager. During his late 20s, Dearias began to learn the art of swordsmanship under the tutelage of Arodel, leader of the elf warriors known as the ‘Grey Hunters.’

While Dearias enjoyed his martial lessons, his true passion lie with his books of arcane lore. Dearias declined Arodel’s offer to become one of the Grey Hunters and returned to his books to continue his growing knowledge of the arcane arts.

Dearias had proven to be quite skilled at magic as a teenager, and he quickly picked it up again with renewed fervor. He was easily the most skilled wizard in Odara by the age of 40. Believing that he could not master all the secrets of the world within the forest, Dearias set out to travel other parts of the world to uncover whatever secrets may lie waiting for him.

Dearias wandered the vast plains of Lydessa for years, serving as a healer, guide, and sometimes protector to the villages he visited. Eventually, his travels led him to the kingdom of Ibara, where, for a time, he joined the knights in their war against the Orugan goblins.

After Dearias had been in Ibara for five years, he met a young man named Astar, who wished to learn magic as Dearias’s apprentice. Dearias led Astar into the mountains south of Ibara, where he taught Astar about arcane lore and the history of magic.

Astar grew impatient with Dearias’s teachings, and after stealing Dearias’s spellbook, Astar made contact with an extra-dimensional being. The creature promised Astar power in exchange for his service. Astar blindly agreed. Having gotten what he wanted, he abandoned Dearias’s spellbook and fled from his former master, venturing into the Handi desert.

Dearias spent the next few months searching the mountains and attempting divination to locate his missing apprentice, but to no avail. Dearias eventually met up with a tribe of giants who told him they saw a young man heading into the desert a few months ago.

Dearias entered the Handi desert hoping that Astar had learned enough from him to survive in the harsh environment. Dearias wandered the desert for three months, nearly succumbing to hunger and exhaustion before he met the man who would become his lifelong enemy, Zzrull.

Dearias battled Zzrull, despite his fatigue and exhaustion, but to no avail. He was too tired to battle someone with powers like Zzrull’s. Dearias summoned what remained of his power to try to teleport back to Ibara.

When Dearias woke, he found that he wasn’t in Ibara. He staggered into a nearby village and was tended to by a kind couple. Once he had his strength back, he set out to find his way back home. After a week of travel, Dearias reached the edge of land. When he looked down, he saw only clouds. He soon discovered he was no longer in Fearen at all, but had entered the realm of Itanus.

Dearias spent a year on the floating island, where he learned about many other floating islands and the flying contraptions the people built so they could travel, while he searched for a spell to take him back to Fearen.

Eventually, he discovered how to cross the planar barriers, and he made his way back home. However, curiosity got the better of him. He began to wonder how many other realms there were, and how strange the others may be. Eventually, Dearias became confident enough in his ability to travel between Fearen and Itanus that he began to attempt to enter other planes as well.

Dearias spent the next ten years traveling between realms. However, he eventually found out that in his absence, Zzrull had taken over the Orugan tribe and had gained the support of the Handi mercenaries as well. Zzrull had begun to take over the Lydessa plains and had mounted a full-scale war on both Odara and Ibara.

Dearias returned to Fearen to confront Zzrull, and after an intense battle, the two found themselves equally matched. In an act of desperation, Dearias hurled Zzrull into another realm. Although, Fearen was safe from Zzrull for the time being, the battle had left much of the land forever scarred, and Dearias knew that Zzrull would eventually figure out how to travel between planes now that he had been exposed to extra-planar travel.

Dearias Eldron

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